What’s your Reason?

What’s your reason for owning a gun? Do you only own them for hunting or do you own them for protection or both? Whatever your reason it’s important to consider pass along the lessons of gun safety to your kids. Recently a young lady named Courtney who’s father follows this page asked her dad to send me this picture…

gun shooting for girls
Boy does it hit right between the eyes. You can’t protect your children forever. At some point they will grow up and live their own lives. We all hope they meet their perfect match and live happily ever after but the reality is that it could go very wrong. A restraining order is ofter time the police’s only option. Don’t let it be your daughter’s (or son) only protection. Teach them to use a gun. Teach them gun safety. Teach them self defense. Give them all the tools you can to protect themselves should they be unfortunate enough to find themselves in a tough situation. A situation in which you cannot swoop in and rescue them.

Thank you Courtney, for the reminder of just how important this is. And thank you to her dad for raising a daughter smart enough to recognize the value of the statement in the picture.

Removing guns from the hands of law abiding citizens will never make the world a less dangerous place!

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