Safety at Home

Most of us who own a gun and have a concealed hand gun permit feel that we are prepared when we leave the house but what about at home? How “relaxed” have you become at home? Are you taking your pets out at night into your own back yard with your gun on you or do you feel safe and omit the set of getting your gun before exiting your home? How about when you check the mail? It’s just the mail. It’s right there at the end of your driveway. Just home from the grocery store, garage door open, unloading your goodies, are you armed? Mowing your lawn, pulling weeds, gardening, where’s your gun?

All of these are some of the most basic daily tasks we do around the house. I’d venture to guess nearly everyone reading this has done most if not all of these things without protection more often than not. For me, it’s a conscious effort. I’m just going out to the greenhouse to water the plant for heaven’s sake. I don’t need my gun for that. Wow, saying that out loud sure does make you want to face palm!

If you’ve made the commitment not to be a sheep then don’t be a sheep ever. Understand that ALL aspects of your life come with inherent danger. Understand where you make your own world vulnerable and make a conscious effort to protect yourself, be the sheepdog at ALL times.

When you became a concealed carrier you became so much more aware of your surrounding. Every time you go to the convenience store, or anywhere you are watching movement in a whole new way. This awareness actually, in my opinion, drastically reduces your chances of being a target for victimization all together. Criminals like easy targets that aren’t paying attention to their surroundings or are distracted. Do what you do when you leave the house at home too. Be aware of your surroundings, even on your own property. Practice it. Play out scenarios.

When I went through my home and property and played out scenarios I found several week points and I am still a work in progress on reducing those week points. One place I feel most vulnerable is when swimming in my pool. This one took some thinking. Quite obviously I’m not going to swim with my gun on me and having it on the ledge could get it soaked if I’m splashing it at all. How I’ve reduced my vulnerability here – I have a high ledge on one side of the pool. It could still get wet but is not as likely. I wrap my gun in a beach towel with an open end for quick access right in the center of the length of the pool. From anywhere in the pool I can get to my gun very quickly.

Think about your week points. Make changes in your behavior to increase your security at home. Reduce your risk of being a victim.

I hope this post has made you think. I’m always looking for better ways to improve my safety. Please post any suggestions you can think of in the comment section below.

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