Exercising the 1st in Support of the 2nd

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We strongly support the right to bear arms. Putting meat on the table is big part of our lives. Knowledge and Self Protection are also a huge part of what we encourage here. Check out the Gallery Page for videos and photos of our hunts and the News Page for our most recent activities.

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On Sheep, Wolves & Sheepdogs

In the wake of recent mass shootings there is a lot of talk about more gun control. In looking for ways to explain that MORE gun control is not the answer to preventing monsters from committing horrific acts of violence I came across this excellent article.

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Safety at Home

Most of us who own a gun and have a concealed hand gun permit feel that we are prepared when we leave the house but what about at home? How “relaxed” have you become at home?

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What’s Your Reason?

What’s your reason for owning a gun? Do you only own them for hunting or do you own them for protection or both?

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